Your input is very important when it comes to creating your own special ceremony. If you are unsure of where or how to begin the planning of your ceremony I am able to provide materials and guidance to aid you.

A specially compiled Ceremony guide is provided to all couples to be used as a starting point for creating your ceremony. You can add your personal ideas to it or use it as a resource to make choices from.

There are many sample ceremonies, readings, and vows to aid you in deciding which format, style, length etc. you may want for your ceremony. A few simple touches like writing your own vows, or incorporating a favourite poem or song, will serve to personalise most ceremonies.

I look forward to working with you to make the ceremony special, unique and uplifting for you and your guests.

Below are extracts from the ‘Order of Service’ of a recent ceremony held in the beautiful gardens of Caves House.



The groom waits with his groomsmen and the celebrant for the arrival of the bridal party. Traditionally the men stand on the left in a slight arc formation facing out towards the guests.

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The Groom's Party waiting for the bride during the Processional

The bridesmaids and flower girls (if any) enter first, followed by the bride and her father - or whoever is ‘giving her away’. Some brides choose to walk in with both parents - one either side of her.

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The Bridal Party making their way to the alter.

The guests stand and music is played. It can be live or taped, classical or modern. The bride is then ‘passed over’ to her groom and at this point the veil (if being worn) is lifted

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony.  The Bride and Her Father on the way to the Alter.


Guests are welcomed and thanked for travelling to the south-west for the wedding. ‘...It is especially appropriate that we are gathered here in Yallingup, which is an Aboriginal word meaning "place of love"...’ Sometimes the couples story is told.


Tradionally the father of the bride gives his daughter ‘away’. At this wedding all the parents were asked to stand and give their blessing to the couple as they prepared to unite in marriage. Some couples choose not to have this as part of their ceremony.

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The intended couple receiving their Parents Blessing.


A beautiful piece, which is an extract from Captain Correlli’s Mandolin, by Louis Berneres, was read by a friend of the couple.

‘...Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promise of eternal passion... That is just being “in love” which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away...’

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. A bridesmaid undertaking a reading during the Marriage ceremony.


The couple turn to face each other and hold hands.

Groom to bride

‘...I promise to make our home a place where trust, love, and laughter are abundant. I make these promises lovingly and freely, and...’

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The Groom makes his vow to the bride.

Bride to Groom

‘...I promise to encourage you always, and to support and care for you. I love you with all my heart...’

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The Bride makes her vow to the Groom.


The ring bearer or bestman will pass the rings to the celebrant. The rings are blessed, and then as the couple exchange rings: ‘...accept this ring, as a symbol of my love for you, as we journey through our life together...’

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The rings are exchanged.


The couple are pronounced ‘husband and wife’, the guests usually clap and cheer as the bride and groom kiss.

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The newly wedded couple kiss for the first time as Husband and Wife.


The couple, their 2 witnesses and the celebrant sign the 3 certificates. The bride signs in her maiden name. Music is usually played during the signing. The guests remain where they are. Sometimes champagne is handed out, ready for a toast at the end.

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The newly weds sign their Marriage certificates.


A nice way to finish the ceremony.


Behold our family and friends here assembled
We are thankful for this place in which we celebrate
For the love that it unites us
For the peace accorded to this day
For the hope with which we dream
For the health, the work, the food,
And the bright skies that make our lives delightful
For our friends and family in all parts of the earth.


The celebrant passes on good wishes to the couple. The bride and groom are presented with their marriage certificate, and then presented to the guests for congratulations.

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The newly weds present their Marriage Certificates to the Wedding Guests.


The bridal party walk back through the guests. Flower petals are often thrown at the couple. Sometimes bubbles are used. Most venues do not allow rice or confetti. Up tempo music adds to the atmosphere of the recessional.

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The Bridal Party walk back through the guests.


A group photograph following the ceremony is a great opportunity for the photographer to capture a shot of all your guests. This a wonderful momento of the day!

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. All the Wedding Guests pose for a group photo.


To make the most of the late afternoon light the bridal party headed off for some special photos amongst the vines, at a nearby winery. The beach is also not far away – for the spectacular sun-set shots. The guests enjoyed refreshments on the terrace as a lead in to a wonderful evening of celebration.

Celebrant Dunsborough - Ceremony. The newly weds pose for their wedding photos amoungst the vines.